Limitations of Convenience

Today’s times are busy. Likely, your family has 1-2 working parents, multiple children going different directions, homework, sports, music classes, etc. As a full-time working mom of three children, I understand.  Convenience is important to make this busy machine of life run smoothly. I take advantage of convenience services for grocery and food delivery, walk- in haircuts, drive through food and medicine pickup, and oil changes for my car.  Convenience in healthcare, however, can come at a price.

I am concerned about children being evaluated by providers at walk-in clinics, urgent care centers and via telemedicine services.  Many of these providers have a very little pediatric experience. These providers are not well trained to recognize pediatric illnesses nor use and dose medications appropriately.  Commonly, I find my patients have been prescribed medications not routinely used in children and at the wrong dosage. Not to mention, failure to recognize life threatening conditions such as asthma exacerbations and croup.  

As a mom and a pediatrician, I would encourage our families to avoid these clinics whenever possible.  If you are out of town, many areas have pediatric focused clinics that are available. Plan ahead and have those numbers on hand in case of emergencies.  Our KPA locations are open early and late most days of the week to accommodate seeing our patients the same day. Our physicians are board certified with years of experience in the care and health of children.  Please choose superior healthcare for your family and allow us to do what is best for your kiddos! I don’t choose anything less for my own family.