Safe Disposal of Medications

It is very important that drugs be disposed of when no longer needed, and that it be done in a proper manner. Old medicines lose their potency and can even become toxic in some cases. Medicines in the house are also a potential source of poisoning for young children. The best way to dispose of drugs is at an approved disposal center. In Knox County there are at least 2 such places.

Knoxville Police Department, 800 Howard Baker Jr Ave., Knoxville 37915 and Walgreen’s Pharmacy, 121 North Northshore Drive, Knoxville 37919. Both are open 24-7.

Disposing of drugs in the sink or toilet can result in water pollution and possibly affect wildlife. Even disposal in a garbage landfill could, in the long run, have toxic effects. Please do what is safest both for your family and for our community by using approved sites to get rid of outdated or unneeded medications.