The vaccine policy statement of our office is the compilation of a thoughtful exercise by our doctors on the message we want to send our patients regarding the importance of vaccines.  With the number of pediatricians in our group, there is a broad spectrum of experience and years in practice.  Those of us who have been pediatricians more than 30-40 years have seen many of the diseases that we now have vaccines for including chicken pox, H. Flu and pneumococcal meningitis, measles,and mumps to name a few.  The devastation of these diseases is something some of the young pediatricians have never seen but deeply appreciate what vaccines have done to decrease or eliminate them.  It is with this sense of respect for the science of vaccine research and the infants and children who have been spared life ending and life altering disease that we with confidence make this strong statement in support of vaccine administration.

Dr. Thurston

Immunization Policy

Vaccine information from Tennessee Department of Health