Gardening, Endorphins and Dishes

I like weeding. There, I’ve said it. That feeling of satisfaction when a dandelion pulls right out, roots and all and leaves my beloved Shooting Star intact, is hard to match. I know there are others of you out there that know what I mean. Gardening has a way of leaving me with a sense of satisfaction and calmness that few other things do. Watching my garden evolve though the seasons always brings a smile to my face. An empty bed is just sleeping waiting on the warmth of spring to inspire the plants there to bring on their show. A freshly weeded bed will actually stay nice and neat for weeks, unlike my house. Dishes and clothes propagate in my house just like the weeds in my garden but seem to reappear in a matter of minutes instead of weeks after they are cleared. I just read an article that says natural endorphins are
released when you dig in the dirt. Maybe that is part of it.