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Newborn Screening…What’s the Meaning?

In 1968 the state of Tennessee started it’s state newborn screening program. It was designed to screen infants shortly after birth that may have a treatable condition that is not immediately recognizable. The current program consists of three parts : *A blood sample that screens for inherited conditions that are treatable if identified early *A […]

BOO to the Flu!

Well, it’s here, no doubt about it. The dreaded FLU! All around Knoxville and surrounding counties, schools are closing due to illness in both the students and the teachers. Here is a little information on the facts of the flu… Influenza (“the flu”) is a VIRAL illness. Symptoms may include: fever, cough, headache and or […]

Accidental Poisoning

Accidental poisoning is a common concern in the pediatric population. Unfortunately, accidental poisoning is caused by ingesting many household items. Children swallow harmful substances even though they have a bad taste or smell. Poisoning occurs almost exclusively in kids under the age of six and most often by boys under the age of three. Accidental […]