Entries by Dr. Lauren Speckner

Secondary/Dry Drowning

Although fall is just around the corner, parents are still concerned about  “dry drowning” or “secondary drowning.”  I would like to reassure parents that dry drowning, in the fantastical way the media has portrayed it, is not a true entity. Your child will not have an uneventful day playing in the pool, swallow a mouthful of […]

How Much Sugar is Appropriate for Your Child?

Have you ever wondered how much sugar is appropriate for your child? A recent study by the American Heart Association entitled Added Sugars and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Children,  published in the journal Circulation attempts to give guidance on this very issue.  The guidelines make a distinction between “Added Sugars,” which are sugars added to […]

FluMist Shortage

Get your flu shot! The CDC and AAP recommend that everyone 6 months and older get the flu vaccine. There is currently a production delay of FluMist (nasal spray flu vaccine), making the timing of the availability to both schools and doctor’s offices uncertain. If you are waiting for FluMist to become available, consider getting […]