Entries by Dr. Karen Freeman

Spring Break, Sakura and Hanami

This year I had the opportunity to travel to Japan with my college age daughter for her spring break.  Her break fell the last week of March and when she was planning her trip she said “wouldn’t it be great if the cherry blossoms were blooming while we were there!”  Well, we were unaware that […]

Camp, Nature’s Way of Feeding Mosquitos

It’s that time of year when parents start to make plans for the summer.  Summer is such an important time for families to be together, to take special trips, and for children to recharge from the busy school year. Summer is also a great time to try out new activities at a summer camp. Summer camps offer a valuable opportunity for learning […]

Tick Season/How To Remove A Tick

Summer is tick season. It is important to check your children daily for ticks during this time of year if they play outside in yards and wooded areas. This helpful link discusses the proper method of removal. If you have difficulty removing a tick or have questions, please contact us. Have a wonderful summer! https://www.healthychildren.org/English/health-issues/conditions/from-insects-animals/Pages/How-To-Remove-A-Tick.aspx