Top 10 Things I Miss Since Becoming a Mother (almost 7 years ago)

  1. Privacy in the bathroom
  2. Sleep
  3. Finishing a thought
  4. Finishing a sentence (finishing anything for that matter)
  5. Being early for ANYTHING
  6. Being on time for ANYTHING
  7. My left arm (typically occupied by my son)
  8. Making dinner with two arms (since my son insists on being in my arms while I make dinner)
  9. Having a clean, uncluttered car (we could live out of our car for a week!)
  10. Having a clean, uncluttered house

I am often reminded by wise mamas that these exhausting early years are “just a season” and “will be over before (I) know it.”  My favorite is “the days are long but the years are short.”  This quote from Gretchen Rubin gives a nod to the daily struggles of motherhood but implores us to savor each and every day with our children as these years are fleeting. I admit it, I often have a hard time reveling in sleepless nights, aching arms, and mommy brain. I wish I could. I know those wise mamas are right but it doesn’t make this season any easier. I found this all-too-true blog post on this very subject and I want to share it with you.  Grab a tissue before reading! Here’s hoping, whatever stage of motherhood we are in, we will remember. Remember the daily struggles as a young mama caring for young children and the bittersweet heartache when we realize our once needy babies don’t need us anymore.

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