Can tick-removal tools top tweezers?

Not many ticks on Wall Street but there are beaucoup where the Wall streeters live on Long Island. Whichever contraption you use to remove them (KPA recommends tweezers with gentle, steady vertical traction followed by cleaning with alcohol), prevention is better. DEET or botanicals, long pants and floppy hats usually prevent bites but be sure to check your child after playing in woods or fields. And don’t forget the sunscreen!

Why Did Every Touch Cause This 2-Year-Old Pain?

This article demonstrates the love affair with laboratory testing that doctors have developed. An analysis of the developmental and nutritional history should have triggered at least the thought of a nutritional deficiency, specifically scurvy. Pediatricians are uniquely qualified to use history from parents and the patient herself to make accurate diagnoses without drawing blood, taking pictures or scraping throats.

The New York Times:

Why Did Every Touch Cause This 2-Year-Old Pain?

The child stopped walking. Bones in his scans appeared to be mottled and irregular. Could there be a nutritional cure?