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To preserve and improve our patients’ quality of life through preventive and effective medical care; we will constantly work to ensure the care we give is appropriate and of the highest standards; and to be just in our dealings with patients, their families, our employees and ourselves.


Knoxville Pediatric Associates welcomes you to our group and we are happy that you have chosen us as your pediatricians. Our goal is to provide the best possible care for your child while building close doctor-patient relationships based on trust and compassion.

Our practice was originally formed in 1996 by the merging of two of the oldest, most well established pediatric practices in Knoxville, namely Knoxville Pediatric Group and Pediatric Associates of Knoxville. In 1998, the former Foothills Pediatric Group in Maryville joined. While the goals and philosophies of the three groups of physicians are the same, there remain some differences in practice styles between the three groups. For this reason, we have chosen to maintain the integrity of each of the three practices within the larger merged group. Within the larger merged group, there are now five offices which make up three distinct practice settings. The practice settings are Clinch or Cross Park, Weisgarber or Farragut, or the Foothills Office. Therefore, although we are 25 pediatricians in 5 offices, you will choose to be seen at one of the practice settings. Knoxville Pediatric Associates, P.C. prides itself in having the best pediatricians in the Knoxville area.

Each pediatrician is required to maintain Board Certification by the American Board of Pediatrics. This means that all have completed an approved training program and subsequently passed a Board exam to insure that their skills are appropriate. Newly boarded pediatricians are also required to be recertified every seven years. This is a baseline from which we continually try to build a practice that cares for your medical needs and as importantly cared for you as a parent and your child as a patient. You can assist in our building this trust relationship by keeping us informed of ways that we can improve our service.

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